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The Millionaire
The Millionaire Poker Tournament June 2018

 As it is the norm for every human to eat-work-sleep and continue this cycle for days, months and years. It is also the norm for every poker player to earn-save and then-earn more by playing The Millionaire! TheSpartanPoker like every other month brings back to you the most prestigious poker tournament it has to offer - The Millionaire!

Why is it so prestigious? Well, this mega tournament shows up once a month but guarantees an amount that can last a lifetime. The June edition of The Millionaire is scheduled for the second Sunday of the month on 10th June, 4:30 PM. The biggest motivation for any poker player would be the enormous prize pool The Millionaire has to offer - an incredible 1 Cr GTD! Wouldn't you call this prestigious? 

The Millionaire hosted by TheSpartanPoker is one of the most talked about tournaments in the poker circuit and you can secure your seat at the tournament on a buy-in of just INR 7,700. The winner of the tournament doesn't just receive a share of the enormous prize pool but also gets to be crowned as The Millionaire!

If you're looking to secure your seat at this prestigious tournament, you can also get a free ticket by participating in the numerous satellites available prior to the tournament.

Terms and Conditions:

1) If you win a Millionaire satty, you will be directly added to the upcoming Millionaire tournament. If you then use a deposit or other promo, the ticket from such promotions will not be valid and cannot be used in the Millionaire.

2) You are welcome to participate in multiple sattys and can be changed into Tournament money for those additional tickets achieved through sattys.

3) A minimum of 2 Re-Entries or Rebuys must be done by a player in that particular tournament in order to qualify for Millionaire Maximum Entries promotion. 

4) If two or more players have made an equal number of re-entries, then the player who busted last will be declared winner of Millionaire Maximum Entries promotion. 

5) The Millionaire winner must provide their images, video, and interview for media bytes.

6) In case of any disputes, TheSpartanPoker's decision is final and binding.